Thursday, September 05, 2013

A-Levels Results Day @ INTEC !

One word. ALHAMDULILLAH. Praise to Allah for granting me good results in my Alevels exams, by which actually the results day was on last 14th of August ( I KNOW, blame my procrastination hehe, plus I'm currently working now -.- ) 

The night before the big day, surely I had such a tough time to doze off. Despite travelling from Malacca to Teluk Intan then to KL on that day, my fatique wasn't enough to ensure me a smooth sleep. Come August the 14th, on that morning, I had such multiple heart attacks. God knows how that felt like! I was nervous all over. So, I took off from my aunts house in KL to my college, INTEC, which is in Shah Alam by KTM train. 

As it was still early ( plus I had to wait for my INTEC bestie, Shahnon ) I made a quick visit to MidValley to buy some stuffs. It was here that finally I had the guts to call our college's office to know my results earlier. But only after I called the office to know about my other besties, Radin's result hehee..After finding out he got 13 which is ABB, ( Alhamdulillah and felt so happy for him! ), I just couldn't wait any longer. For me, waiting is kinda like a torture. 

Then...I passed! I got 15! Almost couldn't believe myself that I got 2A*s for Biology & Maths, and 1A (Chemistry). It was even more shocking that my Biology was the highest among all! FYI, I only got a D during my 1st Biology exams here in INTEC during the 1st semester. ALHAMDULILLAH :) Thanks to everyone, especially my parents lecturers and friends who had helped me a lot :')

Guess what, fate brought me to come across my SASER and INTEC fella, Khairul Anwar, right as I stepped into the train in KL Sentral! Out of the many trips and many coaches, we met there somehow. Well at least I had someone to share my nerves with hee. 

at ALM square

with Shu Ning my classmate who got 3A*'s

with Anwar who also got 15 / 3As! All the best in Manipal!


last moment for us in the INTEC Grand Library maybe?

post-results celebration at TGIF Setia City Mall


  1. Salam . congratulations bro ! wish me all the best here at intec. Im junior btw. hihi. can't wait to read and see you posting pictures of u at uk. :D

    1. wassalam, oh thanks! oh oh, im actually in a twinning programme for pharmacy, so I'll only be flying to UK in 2015, so see ya in UK (Notts game e.g.) maybe in '15? Yupps all the best for your Alevels! ingat its never easy k hehee

  2. congratulation on your overly excellent result

    1. hahahaha thanks congrats to u and best of lucks in Dublin as well! tho multiple gratz aldy hahahah