Saturday, September 21, 2013

Johnny's @ AEON Ayer Keroh, Malacca

Okay so last month (couldnt remember the exact date LOL), after a hell tiring driving from Melaka to Batu Pahat then back to Melaka ( my first time driving in a highway, FYI ), I suggested to my sista to drop by Jusco Ayer Keroh to have a quick early dinner. That day, my father and I went to UTHM in Batu Pahat to come fetch the sista who just finished her SISPA 'pentauliahan' thingy. Never thought driving long distance ( well not that far tho ) would be that tiring. Sakit pinggang jugak dibuatnya LOL. 

Anyway, the foods in Johnnys were decent enough so that they deserved a return there later, soon I hope.  Tho the outlet here must better improve on their hygiene lah. Price wise, it was also okay. 

our steamboat set with piping hot, spicilicious Tomyam soup.

Green noodles with bbq chicken, yummy!

my choice of pineapple fried rice, the bbq chicken noodle fared better for my palate. 

On a not-so-good side, I didnt find myself fancying that sauce in the bowl. Tasted quite weird tho.

another good option here, Belacan fried rice

for dessert.

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