Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hari Sukan SKRCK

Just gonna post up some pics during SKRCK's Annual Sports Day last month, to commemorate the memories I gained there. Sadly no photos of me sobs sobs.. 

Alhamdulillah the event went smoothly. The main issue we faced was that there was an extreme absence of teachers on that day. So many of them had to attend courses by the KPM, programmes at other school etc. Only around 10 out of 22 teachers were available, I think. 

I was tasked to help some of the teachers to handle long jumps and lontar peluru was great seeing how cute these kids can be doing sports hahah

as well as helping em cooking up some burgers for the students and teachers plus staffs

since I was the only available teacher from Rumah Merah, Ive gotta decorate the tent all by myself! With poor timing and prep, this was the end results. Thankfully I did my job.

rumah kuning..with Nazim pictured here holding the sepanduk.

Rumah Hijau, the flower gal and friendly Kak Hasmira here.

my team, Rumah Merah! actually, previously I was in Rumah Hijau, then Rumah Biru before I was finally placed here due to extremely lacking of teachers~

the flower gals. Wish I could prepare a mascot or someth for em! LOL

the cute kids of prasekolah. This gal so reminds me of my niece, Arina.

then there goes the official event...started with marching..

..and ended with the climatic event, the Tarik Tali. Gladly Rumah Merah pictured here won for boys category.

teachers in charger for urus setia, Kak Azlina, Uztaz Ridhuan and Cikgu Rauf not in the pic. At the back row L-R: Kak Maswati, Kak Hasmira and Hjh Anita.

the final results, eh. Look, Biru won, and Merah was second place. Again, Rumah Hijau got the last place. Nonetheless congrats to all for your great efforts :)

then there was also tarik tali event for the fathers plus some teachers. Luckily I wasn't obliged to join in as well hehee

lastly, it was the prize giving ceremony..

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