Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lifetime experiences as teacher

Greetings folks! ah, it feels like ages I havent hitting on this page. Sad story. Last month had been hectic (excuses excuses excuses -.- ) with me being a full-time substituted teacher at SKRCK. And then the prologue of October was not nice to me. I just had a week-long fever, and thankfully I have recovered, Alhamdulillah. 

Back to the topic of me (narcissistic alert) being a temporary teacher. Couldn't believe it? I myself found it hard that I had now finished my temporary job as an elementary school teacher! (alas substituted and totally untrained.) 

It was actually pretty easy for anyone of you to apply for this temporary job. As long as you have SPM certs and no criminal record, feel free to apply via the PPD :) But yeah, it takes guts and courage to do so, I must say, at least for me. The moment I knew am gonna started working as substitued teacher at SKRCK (Sekolah Kebangsaan Ramuan China Kechil) which is located in Masjid Tanah (~12 minutes driving from my home), my heart trembled and filled with nervousness. Its my first job experience for God sake! and I had to handle with kids! HAHA

Luckily I might be young at heart LOL, so I seriously hoped the kids had a good time with me. All of honesty, I wasnt doing very well delivering the contexts of the textbooks to these precious kids, but I thought I had give my best. It was certainly eye-opening, fun-filled, yet stressful at the same time. It was no easy to handle the kids at class, to make em stay focus and whatsoever. Hell I am no fun person (feel bad for them tho huhu). Thank God I was assigned to teach English and Kajian Tempatan Year 4, plus supposedly Sivik Year 6 which I never taught em since they were all busy with UPSR. Luckily no PJK! LOL. I would sucks terribly as a PE teacher. Wondering what to do. I was also glad that I got quite a relaxed schedule too tho.

So to any of those SKRCK kids that I got the chance to teach ( Year 4), if any chance u guys found my blog (as if), please dont forget me k! Hopefully I wont forget all the bittersweet memories with them. The joyful kids, the very friendly teachers, the polite staffs, everyone at SKRCK, memories I would forever cherish, thank you all :')

had to have some revisions with this textbook before class

back to school yoow

My crib hehe, the place where I spent most of my free time.

The kids having some motivational talk (which was real funny!) from ADAM thingy on sekolah ganti, yup, on Saturday!

curi-curi tangkap gambar while invigilating the exam

managed to conduct one ICTL class, Alhamdulillah. The kids were so eager for me to bring em here!

done with ICTL, sibuk bukak FB bagai

Then, another week was filled with Sukan Tara for coming Annual Hari Sukan

marching on the Hari Sukan

summary of the flower girls on SKRCK Hari Sukan ( I forgot kali ke berapa huhu)

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