Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Row Six @ AEON Melaka

A superbly delayed post. Here we are. Row Six is another not-so-new yet not-so-old restaurant in AEON Bandaraya Melaka which mainly features Asian dishes. A good option since we were getting sick with KRR and stuffs. 

the menu looks beautiful.

some of the food on the menu.

choosing to don an all-black attire.

partner-in-crime, the sista flipping through the menu.

our starter, lemongrass chicken. Soooo glad that they gave us juicy, succulent chicken cutlets. 

green curry chicken fried rice for me. Did I read the menu wrong? I didnt see or taste any green curry at all! A miserable choice indeed.  

Thai aglio olio. This was miles better. Only wish they'd give more of that excellent mussels. Delicious.

we picked the same drinks, mango smoothies maybe? Yums..

take-away treats : Starbucks dark mocha frappucino with white chocolate pudding

...and of course, all-time-favourite Auntie Annes almond caramel pretzel

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