Saturday, October 26, 2013

Water World @ A'Famosa Resort, Malacca

Its been ages I last went here. Last time I went to this water park was when I was still in Standard 4, I guess. Finally, we had time to go here. Gladly we now have our own cars so transportation is definitely a problem no more. Oh, we paid about RM 36 per person for that water park alone. Fret not, lunch is also provided, which was decent enough for me.

Too bad I couldnt take much pictures. After all, my phone camera aint waterproof. So here are some pics of the day...

me in front the river pool which we spent most of our time here

Halloween is coming to town folks!

since I dont have any halloween costume, taking a picture with these guys would do

Afterwards, we stopped by Tesco Cheng SR to have our early dinner

look at the generous amount of that whipped likey

moi, chicken parmigiana, and my sis' Dory Fish in lobster sauce at the back.

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