Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4D 3N Stay at TH Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Terengganu

Like Ive mentioned previously, as my lappy broke down and duh I had to format it and all, I still have not synced my phone to the newly-installed iTunes on my pc, fearing this shall wipe all the data on my phone. SIGH. The downside of Apple product hmm. I did look for the solutions but quite hard to fathom isk..

Alright enough with the mumble (thankfully I'm now writing this post via my phone), back to the story. At first, I would love to stay somewhere near the beach in KT, especially Sutera Beach Resort (which I had such a wonderful time back in 2011 with decadence brekkie there) or Primula Beach Reaort. But then again, their locations are quite far from my sis uni, UMT. After browsing thru, we decided to pick TH Hotel. Plus my parents are definitely so into anything with this pilgrimage-thingy. 

My verdict? In summation I can quite say that we had a pleasant time there. Service was excellent and food was great. Oh really love and now missing their awesome nasi kerabu and pancakes with maple syrup. Yumss. But yes, there were still some misses, notably the swimming pool sometimes had a terribly annoying stench urghh. They should really fix on this matter. Another thing is that the parkings for guests is too far and not convenient at all. At ALL. 

Some pics of the place.. 

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