Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Halia Inc. Restaurant & Coffee Bar @ Malacca

Hello December! Finally my holidays are almost over now that my classes will start in January. Oh my. OK, so last month, my sister and I tried this new so-called hipster coffee place in town. As I could say now, finally an eating place in town with cool concept thats not to be missed.

Oddly and quirky enough, me being peculiar and unadventure did not try their coffees. Aher. Lets look what did we have there. 


my roast chicken. couldnt beat the one at Teapot Deli SACC tho :/

sirloin steak. 

my choice of dessert, rainbow stack, which apparently lack the oomph cuz they used buttercream frosting,
instead of cream cheese which I'd totally love.

the menu. quite similar with any Klang Valley-based coffee/hipster place. 

OOTD. I totally love the look and design of this place. Its one of a kind! 


  1. Sirloin steak nyer looking too small

    1. kan! actually the mains food there for me takdela sedap mana huhu.ahh missing TGI Fridays tho!