Saturday, December 28, 2013

Simple Grilled Salmon

Recently my mom bought me this double sided pan which supposedly has multiple functions like grilling, frying, steaming, and yes, even baking a moist decadent chocolate cake. Some may call this pan as kuali ajaib, tho I guess thats more like a brand name? Its quite cheap tho, at MYR100 since my ibu bought it from her school friend. 

Anyway, whats to cook now then? I decided to make grilled salmon, since the recipe seems simple and I just love salmon so much, its a perfect combo! 

All I need was just salt, pepper and oregano to be seasoned to the salmon, lemons and whichever side dishes you prefer (we made boiled veggies). And yes of course, the salmon itself, either the steak cut or the fillet cut. We bought some salmon fillets cuz luckily the moment we reached the seafood section, the butcher was just about to spread out fresh salmon fillets on display. Although its gotta be stressed out that I am beyond disappointed that salmons would cost a fortune here in Malaysia. If only it is as cheap as say, kembung, surely I can have salmon everyday lol

salmon fillets

drenched with salt, pepper, oregano and some olive oil.

Thank God we did not overcook the salmons..tho I must note, I shall not add up too much  olive oil,
considering there's plenty of fish oil already. 

sadly, we over boiled the veggies :( 

and the white sauce we made also kinda came out short...
Nonetheless, the salmons were juicy and decadent enough ;) 


  1. salmon here also cause you a fortune as well

    1. OMG REALLY?? baru ingat it is sooo cheap there in UK Eire huhuuu