Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Life at Bukit Jalil

Hola peeps! Looks like Ive been abandoning this blog for ages yet again huhu, hence the wordless entry I made. So, what's up with my life? Earlier this month (not exactly tho, 30th December 2013 to be exact), I finally made a new step in my life. At last degree life is here! HAHA too much holidays already. So here I am, a Master of Pharmacy (MPharm for short) student at International Medical University (IMU), located in Bukit Jalil, KL. I like the place so far, its very near to many major highways (especially PLUS thus its so sooo easy for me to drive back to Malacca! ) and the place itself is quiet seclusive. But then the drawback is that there arent many foodie or shopping places nearby that is walkable..hmmph luckily I bring my car here or else I dont know how to even survive here -.-

Here in IMU, well majority of the students are Chinese, and thankfully (not to be racisy, tho) I had a good number of my Malay friends here :) Now its the time again to struggle and struggle and struggle haizz

Oh, btw, we rented a unit at Vista Komanwel B which costed the six of us MYR2000 a month (the cheapest we could find HAHA). Excluding the utilities of course -.-

the view from my room

living room of new place at Vista B 

ma room..too bad no ceiling fan :( 

on white coat ceremony, 1st day there. 

with my awesome orientation group, Hades..might talk about this later..

my everyday attire now consists of shirts and slacks..B-O-R-I-N-G

with Radin


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    1. hahahah sorry takde description awal2 LOL, I tidur sorg dlm bilik tu but wardrobe share ngan Baom hehe