Monday, February 17, 2014

Manhattan Fish Market + Shopping Part 1

A quickie update on last month revisit to Sunway Pyramid. Finally went to this fav mall of mine after months (IT FEELS LIKE AGES HAHA) havent been here! Now its even better as H&M is also there now! Oh God how I wish SP is just minutes away (within walking distance) from IMU. Sigh..nonetheless, driving there from Bukit Jalil took around 20 minutes or so tho ;) 

So here's some pics of me basically having my so-called eating-to-reduce-stress (stress apakah baru masuk belajar je pun?) and my impulse-shopping therapy. YOLO katanyaaaa hahah.. Thank God for the TAPIM allowance tho so lepaslah nak menyopping sikit hiksss

early dinna with Zeusians


radin, moi and Faqih

Cinnabon for post-dinner treats ;) 

and Rad treats us this! Choc eclair someth2 from Auntie Annes

bought this tee, so lovely! 

loving the blue jacket! Too bad my wallet aint so thick so I could only grab the shirt one :( 

and this blazer too! wish list!! 

also bought : the floral tie I wore here. Flower power! 

catch-of-the-day #SoBrokeSoHappy

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