Saturday, March 01, 2014

Chinoz On The Park @ KLCC

Early February punya cerita..Went outing to KLCC with this granma bitch from Borneo, meet-up after more than 6 months! HAHA

we just used LRT since its easier...well to avoid KL traffics and ridiculous parking fees actually LOL

Lunch at Chinoz on The Park, KLCC. Starter. Niceee

too sourish drinks. 

so-so Pappardelle with pretty tough meatballs :/  

oh how looks can be deceiving 

we were so hungry still so we decided to go for 2nd luch here, At Milano, Signature KLCC.

yummmmyy yet dirt cheap HAHA

Gong Cha! 

and of too hehee

to quench the thirst on such an overwhelmingly hot day

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